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By Uplifted Wellbeing, Jun 20 2017 02:09PM

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was pioneered by Betty Kitchener and Anthony Jorm in 2000, with the aim of increasing mental health understanding among the Australian community. MHFA is now a worldwide training program.

The idea of MHFA is that people should be taught how to perform basic ‘first aid’ for those exhibiting signs of mental health distress, just as they are commonly taught first aid for physical problems. Betty Kitchener and Anthony Jorm say that MHFA is available to increase knowledge, reduce stigma and increase supportive reactions and empathy in terms of mental health.

Believed to be the ‘GOLD Standard’ in mental health training MHFA is for everyone.

Mental Health problems are common with one in four people experiencing some kind of mental health problem in any one year. Depression, stress and anxiety for instance, are widespread problems that affect thousands of people. Despite this, people do not always feel confident or able to discuss mental health or to offer the initial support that people need.

MHFA teaches participants to:

• Recognise when a person might need help and the best way to approach them.

• To save a life by learning basic suicide intervention skills.

• To protects their own and other people's mental health.

• To learn new skills that are useful in every part of daily life.

Mental Health problems are not as frightening as most people think. When a person has a mental health problem what they need most is someone who can:

• Listen calmly to their feelings and fears

• Give some simple and helpful information

• Signpost to where to get appropriate help

The aim of the MHFA training is:

To preserve life.

To provide help to prevent a mental health problem or crisis developing into a more serious state.

To promote the recovery of good mental health.

To provide comfort to a person experiencing distress.

To promote a good understanding of mental health issues.

To help create support, resilience and wellbeing in workplaces and communities

To ensure a healthier workplace.

On average, employees take 7 days off work a year for health reasons and it is estimated that mental health issues account for 40% of this figure. Yet up to 90% feel unable to be honest about this being the reason for their absence.

60% of employees say they’d feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental health and wellbeing.

So, why MHFA?

Wellbeing is good for business healthy people are happier, more engaged and more productive. Employers across the country are acting now to support the wellbeing of their employees and creating mentally healthy businesses.

MHFA is:

• Quality assured

Every MHFA course is delivered by a qualified instructor who has completed an Instructor Training programme.

• Safe

Our instructors provide a safe learning environment and are trained to support people throughout the whole course.

• Evidence based

Research and evaluation shows that MHFA courses make a lasting difference in people’s knowledge and confidence around mental health.

• Globally recognised

Join a community of over two million people around the world who have trained in Mental Health First Aid

Our next MHFA takes place on the 13th & 14th July in Cardiff, alternatively, leave your details for information on future workshops and other available training.

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