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Mental Health First Aid Wales


ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 


Stress and Anxiety 

Team Buidling & resilience

Also Available


Personal development planning

Suicide 'First Aid' prevention skills. An award winning standardised 2 day training programme developed, monitored and licensed by Livingworks Education at

'In-house' and 'Open' sessions available

from £125 per perticipant



Increases motivation through team building and drama activities, inspiring your team to be creative whilst bonding and uniting them to be more productive together. Researching personality strengths and team dilemas.


'In house' training from just £22 per participant


Understand our expectations of others. Boost confidence and self-esteem. 'Face our fears' and inspire supportive teamwork.


'In-house' workshops from just £22 per participant.


Manage and identify the signs. Employees will learn the techniques to resilience and coping with stress and anxiety in the workplace.


'In house' training from just £22 per participant





Encourages individuals to identify their strengths and goals. Develop team and organisation objectives. Learn to action plan build resilience skills and boost self-esteem.


'In-house' workshops from just £22 per participant.



"Coming together,

sharing together,

working together,

succeeding together."





Step out of your comfort zone - drama Resilience Day

Mental Health Awareness

Understand and identify Mental Health in the workplace and our role in developing a healthy working environment. Manage stigma and taboo and understand 'best practice' techniques.

'In-house' workshops from just £22 per participant.



Mental Health First Aid Wales teaches  how to identify, understand and help anyone who may be developing a mental health issue. This training is monitored and licensed by Training In Mind Wales.


'In-house' and 'Open' sessions available

from £89 per perticipant


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"The training was presented in a fun and informative way"

- Sue Long, AssistantManager,

  FamiliesFirst Torfaen

"I enjoyed all sessions. Can I attend again? It really cheered me up. Thank you"

- Lindsay Dean, Bron Afon


"A really good training day with a relaxed setting. Good methods to 'take to work' in Short bursts that are manageable."

- Claire Kennedy, Torfaen Youth Service.


*ASIST Tune Up - Half day refresher

* Suicide Talk - 90 Minute Seminar

*An Introduction to MI - Motivational Interviewing

*Mental Health Seminars + Interactive presentations