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ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

The world’s leading suicide intervention workshop, licenced by ‘LivingWorks’ this 2-day comprehensive workshop teaches participants to recognise and support a person with thoughts of suicide. Widely used by healthcare and support providers. ASIST teaches participants to become more willing, ready, and able to offer support to a person experiencing thoughts of suicide.


MHFA – Mental Health First Aid

A 2-day internationally recognised workshop which supports people to understand mental ill health and provide supportive first aid. Licenced by ‘MHFA Wales’ the workshop provides the knowledge to help prevent deterioration and promote a better understanding of emotional health.

Stress and Anxiety

A half day or bespoke seminar or workshop designed to identify the signs and look at the impact on ourselves and those around us. This session supports participants to learn the techniques to resilience and coping strategies.

Mental Health Awareness

A half day or bespoke seminar designed to enable participants to identify, understand and support by providing guidance and signposting. Breaking down the barriers of stigma and taboo and discussing the myths and facts around mental health.

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